What are the differences in the Nosler Cartridge Dimensions?

The 28 Nosler is the only cartridge in the entire family (26, 27, 28, 30, 33, 35, and 36) that shares all of the 26 Nosler case dimensions with the exception of being necked up. The 27 Nosler was changed from the 26 as well – the case may be the same length, but the shoulder datum was brought back to a shorter dimension.

There are two main reasons these features were changed between cartridges:

  • We were committed to staying within a 3.340” maximum OAL, and had to design around the longest ogive Nosler bullets in each caliber. Getting up to 30 caliber and larger sizes, necessitates shortening the brass and therefore moving the shoulder accordingly to preserve adequate neck length.
  • The single most important reason the shoulder and length dimensions were changed is to prevent cross-caliber chambering. For example, bullet and neck diameter alone is not enough to guarantee someone can’t force a 28 Nosler shell into a 27 Nosler chamber. By bringing the shoulder back on the 27, it can prevent someone from possible serious injury if they inadvertently chamber and fire a larger caliber shell in the smaller chamber. This sort of safety review was done for all possible combinations of the entire 7-cartridge family.

Also, depending on when and where SAAMI-spec drawings and reamers were acquired, it might be a good idea to check them against the recently approved SAAMI-spec drawings before starting a new rifle chambering project.

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