What is the difference between the AccuBond® and Partition®?

The AccuBond® and Partition® are very similar in terminal performance, but they differ greatly in internal structure. The Partition® bullet is the original, controlled expansion, design created by John A. Nosler over 65 years ago. Long before the invention of bonding technology, the dual-core, partitioned jacket design of the Partition® bullet created the perfect blend of controlled expansion and deep penetration. The AccuBond® bullet was designed to mimic the on-game performance of the Partition® in a sleeker, more aerodynamic design by taking advantage of modern impact-extruded jacket design and bonding technology. Internally, where the Partition® features separate front and rear lead cores separated by an integral partition, the AccuBond® features a heavily tapered jacket and a single lead core which is permanently bonded to the jacket. Externally, the Partition® has a flat base and lead nose while the AccuBond® has a boat tailed base and a white polymer tip. Both bullets are designed to be general-purpose hunting bullets suitable for all game animals. Both bullets are designed to expand into consistent mushrooms while retaining 65-70% of their original weight with proven performance over a wide range of velocities and game. Partition® users will not see a gain by switching to AccuBond® unless their particular firearm shoots them more accurately.

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