Can Custom Competition bullets be used for hunting?

The Custom Competition line of bullets was designed for maximized interior and exterior ballistic performance but not terminal ballistics.  We do not recommend Nosler’s Custom Competition™ bullets for hunting because their internal construction makes them unpredictable on how they’ll perform in a game animal (terminal performance).  Custom Competition™ bullets are manufactured in the traditional Cup and Draw method using copper strip to construct the bullet jacket.  The jacket wall thickness is consistent around the entire bullet, making for an accurate projectile.  Essentially, we are most concerned with everything the Custom Competition™ bullet does up until it hits the target but not afterwards.  Nosler’s hunting bullets (Partition®, AccuBond®, AccuBond® LR, E-Tip®, Ballistic Tip® and Ballistic Silvertip®) are manufactured using an impact extrusion method which allows maximized internal, external AND terminal ballistics since we are very concerned with what our hunting bullets do before and after they hit the intended target. Custom Competition™ (Cup and Draw) bullets; great for targets, not on game.         

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