What is the difference between the Ballistic Tip® Varmint and Varmageddon® bullets?

Both bullets designed for rapid expansion and fragmentation on varmints. The Ballistic Tip® bullet features a polymer tip (color-coded by caliber) a thin, varmint jacket wall design, and a thick boat-tailed Solid Base®. The Varmageddon® bullet is available in two configurations, featuring either a metallic black polymer tip, or hollow point. All Varmageddon® bullets feature the same varmint jacket wall design as the Ballistic Tip® Varmint. The real difference between the two bullets lies in the base configuration. Where the Ballistic Tip® features a Solid Base® boat-tail, the Varmageddon features a flat-base design.  Ballistic Tip® Varmint bullets do have an advantage because they can handle ultra-high velocities that can be credited to its proprietary thick copper base. 

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