What is the E-Tip®?

The E-Tip® bullet is a lead-free boat tailed design with an O.D. green polymer tip. The E-Tip® is approved for use in all lead-free areas, and is an exceptional big game hunting bullet. The E-Tip® is made from a solid piece of the same Copper-Alloy material that we use to manufacture the jackets of our AccuBond®, Ballistic Tip®, and Partition® bullets. The E-Tip® features our Expansion Control Ring (ECR™) and Energy Expansion Cavity™ (E2 Cavity™) which enable the E-Tip® to expand reliably upon impact, yet retain 95%+ weight for tremendous energy transfer and extreme penetration. The E-Tip® is suitable for hunting all types of big game, and provides enhanced game-taking ability to cartridges and calibers that would otherwise be considered light for large game animals. The tough, one-piece construction of the E-Tip® also provides enhanced performance in ultra-high velocity cartridges that can push lead-cored bullets beyond their recommended impact velocities. 

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