Over Gassed 22 Nosler AR-15 (Case head swipe and burr)

There are many variables that contribute to the proper function of gas-operated semi-automatic firearms such as buffer weight, spring force, gas port size, port location, etc.  If you are seeing excessive case head swipe, over-gassed rifles are often the culprit. This will be evident by the direction the ejected cases travel. Below is a diagram explaining AR-15 ejection.

22 Nosler Ejection Angle Chart



When AR-15 rifles are over-gassed the bolt is trying to unlock while there is still gas pressure from the bore in the chamber and brass. This condition will cause substantial case head swipe marks with raised burrs, and/or dislodged primers from gas flow-back into the breech area as the case is extracted before it fully retracts from the chamber walls.


Here are some options that may help alleviate an over-gassed condition:

1. Use a heavier buffer such as an H3 (If using a carbine or collapsible stock).
2. Use an adjustable gas block to reduce the amount of gas reaching the carrier.
3. Use a high quality chrome silicon buffer spring.
4. Hand-Load ammo and tailor it to your gas system.


The goal is to increase the moment of inertia of the bolt carrier or reduce the amount of gas reaching it.

You can contact Nosler customer service at 800-285-3701 during business hours if you have any further questions or concerns.

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