What is the difference between G1 and G7 Ballistic Coefficient?

G1 and G7 are different models of drag functions that measure ballistic coefficient. Ballistic Coefficient or B.C. is a measurement (or prediction in a lot of cases) of how fast a bullet slows down in a given distance with a given velocity. G1 and G7 both measure the aerodynamic qualities of a bullet but use different models to do so. Much like miles and kilometers are both units commonly used to measure distance, or Fahrenheit and Celsius are commonly used to measure temperature; both examples show that different numbers can exist for the same measurement. For example, one mile is roughly 1.609 kilometers and 32 degrees Fahrenheit is approximately 0 degrees Celsius. Same is true for G1 and G7; the G1 B.C. of a .308-210gr AccuBond® LR bullet is .730 while the G7 B.C. of the same bullet is .366.  The G1 model is based off of a stocky, flat base bullet template while the G7 model is based around a match style, boat-tail bullet template. It is argued that the G7 drag function is more accurate when calculating bullet drop of longer, sleeker bullets while the G1 drag function is more accurate when calculating old fashioned, flat base bullets. 

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