What happens to the polymer tip in the bullet after being fired from the rifle?

The polymer tip contained in Nosler’s AccuBond®, AccuBond® LR, Ballistic Tip®, E-Tip® and Varmageddon® bullets have three main functions. First, it is meant to maintain sharp tip shape and not deform which is common on lead tipped bullets. Second, because of this sharp spitzer nose, the ballistic coefficient is improved for better long range accuracy. Third, the polymer tip acts as a wedge upon bullet impact which initiates expansion as the bullet penetrates; maximizing dependable and reliable would channel destruction. The tip does not melt away from the bullet while traveling through the barrel or before terminal impact. Based on a bullet traveling 3000 fps, it only takes 1/15000th of a second for a bullet to travel through a 24” barrel so there is little time for heat to affect the integrity of the bullet in any way. Most often, the tip “washes” away along with a partial amount of the nose of the bullet during expansion. 

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